Supplier portal


Our suppliers play a vital role in achieving a top position. This requires focusing on the best and most capable suppliers to support us to achieve this goal. Quality, reliability and efficiency are in the foreground. Our goal is to generate added value for our owners and our customers at all times, using efficient and responsible procurement practices. Our suppliers, as important stakeholders, are a key to our corporate success.

Partner and suppliers

Quality has a high priority for Zwilag. When selecting our partners and suppliers, we look out for innovative products and reliable services, but also for punctual delivery and market-driven prices. In return, we offer a fair and long-term partnership.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions are the basic principles for contracts between Zwilag and suppliers. They apply to the procurement of materials, equipment and services. Specific legal and commercial terms of contract are regulated complementary in contracts individually. The following terms and conditions replace all previous versions:

Terms and conditions of purchase Zwilag (124.2 kB)
Terms and conditions of services Zwilag (74.9 kB)

Instructions for external personnel

To ensure an immaculate operation in our business company, it is necessary to read the following instructions for external personnel (domestic / foreign) before accepting the order. Our leaflet for external personnel (domestic / foreign) serves the occupational safety of both your and our employees. The instructions and prohibitions contained therein must be observed in the interest of both your and our employees. The principle applies: "When in doubt  - always safety at work".

Instructions for personnel domestic (241.8 kB)
Instructions for personnel foreign (243.0 kB)
Temporary dose document (747.7 kB)

Safety briefing

The safety briefing is available online. It can be carried out at any location; it is not necessary to do it on site. 

There are three different groups:

Group 1 - Working in the office

Group 2 - Working in the Zwilag area (outside the controlled area)

Group 3 - Working anywhere in the facility (including the controlled area)

The level to be completed should be clarified in advance with the responsible person at Zwilag .