Zwilag Zwischenlager Würenlingen AG as employer

Our employees play an essential role in the safe and responsible treatment of radioactive waste. In addition to their specialist qualifications they should appreciate working in teams and have well developed social skills.

We currently employ more than 80 people in various professions and at different managerial levels. Might these soon be your future colleagues?

Gruppenleiter Elektrotechnik (m/w/d) (400.7 kB)
Fachspezialist Instandhaltung (m/w/d) (400.3 kB)
Ingenieur ETH FH Fachrichtung (m/w/d) Heizung Lüftung Klima (400.0 kB)
Elektroingenieur FH (m/w/d) Fachrichtung Steuerungen und Leitsysteme (401.6 kB)