Drums and containers for low- and medium-level waste

Raw waste drum

This 200 litre steel plate drum is used to collect, pack and transport low-level raw waste. This includes operational waste that is only slightly contaminated from the nuclear power plants as well as radioactive waste
from research, health care and industrial applications
. The delivery drum is sealed with a clamping ring. This raw waste is treated in the conditioning plant or the plasma plant.

Drums for final storage

This drum is a 200 litre steel drum suitable for the final storage of low- and medium level waste. It is used to deliver finally conditioned waste from the nuclear power plants to the central interim storage facility and is stored in the storage building for medium-level waste. Residue also results from the treatment of raw waste in the plasma plant which is then vitrified and packed into drums for final storage, ready for storage in deep geological repositories.

Small cement containers

Waste that is not flammable and cannot be treated in the plasma plant because of its bulk or where the melting process cannot reduce the volume are encased in KC-T12 small cement containers. The containers have been built to be ready for storage in deep geological repositories and measure 1.5 x 1.5 x 2 meters. They are also put into the storage building for medium-level waste.

Steel canisters for vitrified high- and medium-level waste

The reprocessing of spent fuel elements in foreign plants produces highly active and medium-active waste. This waste is vitrified and placed into 180 litre steel canisters. The steel canisters are delivered by rail in transport casks. While the steel canisters containing medium-level waste can be transferred from the casks to storage containers and taken to the storage building for medium-level waste, the steel canisters containing highly active waste remain in the transport casks and are stored in the cask storage hall.