Conditioning plant

The conditioning plant offers a big variety of technical equipment for treating the waste delivered to the facility – mainly packaged goods and large components from the nuclear power plants. The main objective is to completely decontaminate the waste until it is free of radioactive materials so that the decontaminated waste can be recycled as conventional waste. As the waste delivered to the facility can be very different with regard to composition, consistency, packaging and weight, mechanical separation methods and abrasive treatment methods are supplemented by other processes, such as electrolytic and chemical cleaning processes. The residue is either packed in cement or in standard raw waste drums and sent to the plasma plant for further treatment. The radioactive waste water and aggregate generated during the cleaning process are processed further in the internal waste water treatment plant.

The different treatment facilities are linked to one another by a roller guide system which also includes the waste reception facility and neighbouring stations where the waste is analysed. Large volumes of raw waste drums can be stored in a high-rack warehouse until they can be treated in the plasma plant. The facility where the waste conditioned for final storage and waste free of radioactive materials are checked is also located in the conditioning plant.